Vacation region Lenzerheide sets out for the moon

In the summer of 2022, the Lenzerheide vacation region will launch the "Lenzerheide Space Walk". In this campaign, the vacation region wants to cover the distance from Lenzerheide to the moon together with guests, locals and second-timers. Everyone can collect kilometers individually, as part of challenges or at events.

Space tourism is the latest trend, and Lenzerheide has recently joined in - with space tourism for everyone: the "Lenzerheide Space Walk". Because what can be experienced in space can also be found in the hiking universe of Lenzerheide. Looking at the world from above, walking on the moon, discovering endless expanses, breathing in thin air and feeling very small. All this without rockets and kerosene - only with muscle power.

Collecting kilometers as a "space walker

The goal of the "Lenzerheide Space Walk" is to walk the distance to the moon together. That is around 384,000 kilometers. Everyone can participate and collect kilometers individually. The hiking universe of Lenzerheide offers over 300 kilometers of marked hiking trails. Challenges are intended to provide additional motivation and entice participants with prizes.

To participate in the Lenzerheide Space Walk, the kilometers must be covered on foot, the route must be within the Lenzerheide vacation region and the distance must be recorded or entered on the Outdooractive portal.

(Photo: Holiday region Lenzerheide/Gian Paul Lozza)

Regional Message

With the "Space Walk" campaign, the Lenzerheide vacation region is creating an alternative to the latest tourism trend with a wink of the eye and at the same time wants to promote and focus on nature-based tourism. "The topic of sustainability will shape the coming decade more than any other megatrend and is massively changing the demands placed on Alpine regions," Marc Schlüssel, CMO of the Lenzerheide vacation region, is convinced. In line with the idea of "No Planet, No Tourism", sustainable tourism must no longer be a flash in the pan, but a long-term and holistic approach.

The campaign for the walking universe

In the video for the Lenzerheide Space Walk, Daniel Ciapponi presents the hiking universe of Lenzerheide as the Lenzerheide Ranger. In doing so, he draws comparisons to outer space and makes it clear: It's really not necessary to go any higher. The video was shot in the middle of the lunar landscape on the Parpaner Rothorn and at Heidbüel (family). The campaign is complemented by the matching visual world, in which an oversized moon ensures the context of the Lenzerheide Space Walk.

The Space Walk campaign is a long-term project for the Lenzerheide vacation region that creates attention and content. "As soon as the distance to the moon is reached, we travel further in the universe and keep showing new possibilities," reveals Marc Schlüssel.

Responsible for Vacation region Lenzerheide: Nicole Gysi (Brand Manager Nordic), Marc Schlüssel (CMO). Concept: Creative Intelligence Society. Video production: F-J-E Network.

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