Business as usual: Jeff celebrates 50 years with Walder Wyss

Jeff conceives and designs the anniversary campaign "50 Years Walder Wyss" and shows the Swiss-wide law firm and its employees from their colorful side.

Walder WyssThe starting point was clear: Walder Wyss wants to celebrate its 50th anniversary with its employees, clients and other interested parties. The how, however, is unusual: Instead of focusing on its expertise in commercial law, the firm, together with Jeff Zurich, has decided to focus on the corporate culture and interests beyond the legal profession.

A mix of different measures was chosen to implement this approach: On a Content Hub employees are portrayed, future topics are discussed at customer events, and the big employee event is a celebration. Jeff Zurich is responsible for the conception and implementation of all these measures.

Switch to anniversary mode

The gateway to the colorful Content Hub is located on the official Walder Wyss website. When activating the anniversary mode, articles on employees and clients appear in the five thematic areas of Culinary, Art, Startup, Favorite Place and Event. Portraits, photo spreads, illustrations and videos complement the reading. The articles are played out as abridged content pieces via the social media channels.

Events convey Walder Wyss experience

In addition to web content from all over Switzerland, the event series "Off the record!" was also implemented, combining lectures, panel discussions and tasting experiences. The first event, "Will Zurich be the next Bordeaux?" on the topic of global warming and wine, took place at the beginning of May at Erich Meier's winery in Uetikon on Lake Zurich. A similar event is to be held on Lake Geneva in mid-June. In addition, further events are planned, including on topics such as NFT and Future Food.

Communicating corporate culture to the outside world

Florian Gunz Niedermann, Chairman of the Executive Board of Walder Wyss, describes the anniversary presentation as successful and innovative: "By offering a look behind the scenes and celebrating 'business as unusual' with our clients, we bring our corporate culture to the outside world and are even closer to our clients".

Until the end of the year, further events on future trends will be held on an ongoing basis and new content will be added to the anniversary site.

Responsible at Walder Wyss: Florian Gunz Niedermann (Partner, Chairman of the Executive Board), Irène Suter-Sieber (Partner, Member of the Executive Board), Daniela Schaefle (Marketing), Stina Rispoli (Marketing ), Manuela Schlegel (HR), Alicia Pfister (HR). Responsible at Jeff Zurich: Michael Meyer (Project Management), Stefanie Dell'Orto (Co-Project Management & Employee Event), Carina Bosshardt (Employee Event), Rick Dür (UX Website), Loredana Soldini (Project Management Customer Events), Jil Schaffner (Co-Project Management Customer Events), Chantal Schweizer (Customer Events), Mischa Müller (Art Director), Laura Haas (Junior Art Director), Bettina Gugler (Junior Graphic Designer), David Hubacher (Film & Photography). Responsible at IWF Web Solutions (website programming): Simone Marchetta (Head of IWF Web Solutions), Jason Angelakos (Project Management & Design), Stefan Friedrich (Development). Partner Content Website: Schroten, Adrian Schräder & Michèle Roten (chief editors), Nicola Brusa (author), Sebastian Sele (author), Rea Gutzwiller (proofreader).

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