BEKB launches pension campaign "Di beschti Zyt chunnt no" (The best time is coming)

With the question "Are you ready?" the Berner Kantonalbank BEKB opens the customer discussion on early retirement planning. The pension campaign was implemented together with Stämpfli, Bold and Attackera.

BEKB startet Vorsorge-KampagneEarly retirement planning frees you from worries and creates anticipation. Stämpfli Kommunikation has taken this fact and typographically implemented it on the image level with word games that arouse curiosity. Each play on words launches a story that fits the theme, embodied by real customers and completed with retirement planning tips from BEKB.

The Bold agency supplements this first, awareness-oriented phase of the campaign with a story level that ensures emotional access to the topic. The authentic video stories on the BEKB campaign landing page feature three couples telling their own personal stories about retirement.

After this approachable introduction, the customer journey leads to informative content such as background and in-depth articles, facts and figures, and finally to the opportunity to register for a free site meeting. The activation and thus the lead generation follows in the further course of the campaign.

Conception, implementation and media planning of analog formats: Stämpfli Communication. Conception storyline & production digital formats: Bold. Planning and implementation online: Attackera.

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