Switzerland 2050: Rebel develops time travel for climate protection Switzerland

The agency Rebel Communication has launched a platform for the association Climate Protection Switzerland, where visitors can travel to the climate neutral Switzerland of 2050.

Schweiz 2050As studies show, more and more people are in favor of climate protection. But most of them cannot quite imagine what the phase-out of fossil fuels and the reduction of greenhouse gases to net zero will mean for our lives in concrete terms. In order to remedy this shortcoming and thus get the population excited about the climate-neutral future, the association Climate Protection Switzerland has created the platform switzerland-2050.ch launched. Rebel Communication is responsible for the conception, implementation and promotion on social media.

The focus of the comprehensive website is on five topics that affect us all: Energy supply, agriculture, mobility, travel and housing. With the help of visualizations, descriptions and interviews from the year 2050, a broad population is shown what our lives could look like in the future with net zero greenhouse gases. And what advantages the climate change will bring with it.

The scientifically based content was developed together with Swiss energy and climate experts. The fact that our country is indeed on the way to climate neutrality is shown by the many climate pioneers of today who are also portrayed.

Anyone who likes the vision of the future that is described can finally bring it home to them - in the form of a Posters. The hidden object picture was created in collaboration with illustrator Julia Green and shows the climate-neutral Switzerland of 2050.

Responsible at the Swiss Climate Protection Association: Sophie Fürst (Executive Director), Marcel Hänggi (Research Associate), Nina Engeli (Campaigner), Niklaus Schneider, Fabian Heimgartner (Social Media). Responsible at Rebel Communication: Kris Goricanec (overall responsibility), Guido Huwiler (concept/text), Wanda Michel (concept/art direction), Sina Grass (graphics), Olivia Goricanec (text). Illustration/Visualization: Julia Green. Interviews from the future: Aurélia Marine Studios.


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