Komet helps with personnel search for Senevita

Nursing staff are in urgent demand, and not just at Senevita. That's why Komet's current recruitment campaign focuses on their benefits.


As one of the major providers of outpatient and inpatient care, Senevita and in particular its five locations in the Bern region are also struggling with an acute shortage of staff. In order to remedy this as quickly as possible, the Komet agency now wants to present the work at Senevita to potential Senevita employees in an attractive way with posters in the vicinity of train stations, public transport stops, hospitals and universities as well as target group-specific social ads: Free snacks, 50 percent discount in Senevita restaurants, free half-fare card and free training.

This is to be demonstrated to the 25- to 40-year-old target group by striking illustrations that clearly differentiate themselves from the usual recruitment campaigns in the industry with their employees beaming with happiness and thus strengthen the Senevita employer brand at the same time. Regardless of the individual subjects, the all-embracing message that Senevita cares not only for the elderly, but also for its own employees, will definitely stick in people's minds.

Responsible at Senevita: Daniel Braun, COO; Viviane Santschi, Marketing Manager. Responsible at Komet: Jeff Gerber (CD/text), Lara Klopper (AD), Timo Brandt (DTP), Claudia Shatri (consulting); Online production: Visual Fantastix. Media agency: Mediaschneider Bern

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