Contexta creates sustainability campaign for SBB

"If you think e-mobility, you think SBB" is the slogan of the sustainable sustainability campaign that the Contexta agency created for SBB.

ContextaDuring the pandemic, SBB lost larger shares of public transport users to the roads. Together with Contexta, a countermeasure strategy was therefore developed for the areas of leisure, savings and sustainability. Under the motto "Get out", the leisure and savings campaign is already running successfully. Now, on May 9, the cross-media environmental campaign was also launched: 90 percent is the surprising and convincing figure. 90% the SBB is better than the e-car when it comes to CO2 goes. By 90% the original beats its imitators.

In the commercial, viewers initially believe they are watching an ad for a typical e-car, such as those currently running across our screens for several hundred million francs. In the end, however, Bahn turns out to be a great sustainability leader. Reto Meissner, Head of Marketing Communications at SBB, also likes this clever twist: "From now on, when we make an e-car commercial, we always think of the climate-friendly original. That's sustainable advertising for our sustainable means of transport."

Responsible at SBB: Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communications), Stefanie Widmer (Communications Manager), Esther Heinzen (Media). Responsible agency: Contexta AG; Film and photo production: Desire to see; Directed by: Ole Peters; Sound/Music: Jingle Jungle, Federico Bettini, Roland Schmid, Colin Schmid.

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