Spina's Civil Voices and SFH take a stand for all refugees

In a campaign for Swiss Refugee Aid, Spina's Civil Voices reminds us that despite the current war of aggression on Ukraine, other refugees are also in need of assistance.

Spinas Civil VoicesNo human being flees voluntarily. In the event of a war of aggression in Europe, however, solidarity with the people affected is greater than with those who come to us for safety from distant countries.

For Swiss refugee aid, Spina's Civil Voices uses this current insight by reinterpreting the viral national flag of Ukraine into scenes of refugees from other countries. In this way, the viewers are picked up on their own emotions. At the same time, it shows the attitude that all refugees need help equally.

The leanly created campaign generates attention for the topic on social media. With the collection of email addresses, it leads to an appeal for donations for the refugees on the appropriately optimized landing page.

Responsible at Swiss Refugee Aid: Tendai Fleck (Online Communications Manager), Remo Gubler (Fundraising Manager). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Susi Kammergruber (CD), Nicolas Stark (AD), Beat Egger (Text), Christian Egli (Senior Digital Innovation Manager).

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