Republica oversees BEA's post-pandemic reboot

On Friday, the BEA opened its doors again after a two-year pandemic break. The Bernese agency Republica supported Bernexpo Groupe in the communication and promotion of the event. This year, diversity was the focus of the campaign.


Organizing an event on the scale of BEA is anything but trivial. The Bern Spring Fair attracts up to 290,000 visitors, around 750 exhibitors, many partners and has an impact that extends far beyond the capital. "An event like BEA only comes about when all partners pull together. Republica has professionally accompanied the communication - whether with the public or partners from politics, society and the media - from the very beginning," explains Adrian Affolter, BEA division manager at Bernexpo Groupe.

Diversity at the heart of the campaign

"As a trade fair for the general public, BEA is characterized by numerous different stakeholder groups and an enormous diversity of offerings. This marked the basis for this year's campaign, where we focused on the multi-layered nature and the many perspectives on BEA," explains Nora Müller, Group Account Director and Partner at Republica.

Specifically, the agency developed several subjects to highlight different aspects of BEA. From networking between disparate visitors to the animals from the petting zoo to the extensive shopping offer - the campaign showed 1000 reasons why the public should mark the ten days from April 29 to May 8 in their calendars.

Broadly played

The measures were played out physically in and around Bern over a period of one month. In addition, content was played out online and on social media. Around 1.5 million people were reached on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in April. "With the cross-media and geographically broad-based campaign, we were able to optimally address the large catchment area and the many stakeholders of the BEA," says Nora Müller.

The success of the campaign is also reflected in ticket sales: At the halfway point, Bernexpo Groupe expects BEA 2022 to equal the number of visitors from 2019.

Responsible at Bernexpo Groupe: Adrian Affolter (Exhibition Manager BEA). Responsible Agency: Republica.

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