Partner & Partner and Well give you goose bumps

How much emotion can a "product in need of explanation" convey? How much explanation is necessary - how much vision, how much wow is possible? Partner & Partner, together with Film Lodge, has realized a film for the health app Well that tackles this balancing act.

Partner & Partner

The health app "Well" has been available in the app stores since August 2021. "We are now starting to market the app - after all, we already have many interesting features to offer," explains Katherine Lee, CMO of Well. The "Health Platform for Switzerland" aims to digitize and simplify the Swiss healthcare system. CSS, Visana, Medi24 and Zur Rose are behind it. In addition, the startup has a large network through partnerships with service providers and technology providers.

Vision with startup budget

An app that is supposed to digitize and simplify healthcare in Switzerland sounds like a complicated product that requires explanation - and will probably never be completely finished.

This was precisely one of the communication challenges. "That's why we decided to produce a short film as well. It shouldn't be a dry explanatory film, but should make both the performance and the vision of Well tangible. That means it has to explain, but also generate goosebumps - while fitting into a startup's budget," Lee elaborates. "We succeeded in this balancing act."

The full-length film was used at Well's first press conference on Wednesday. Various cut-downs will soon be available on Well's social media channels.

Responsible at Well: Katherine Lee (CMO), Nicole Koch (Senior Communications & Marketing Manager). Responsible at Film Lodge: Beat Oswald (director & producer, owner), Dylan Wiedler (post-production, editor). Responsible at Partner & Partner: Gianfranco Acocella (creative direction, partner), Sarah Pally (concept, partner).

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