Visana wants to provide more exercise with "Mujingas Challenge" from Komet

With its spring campaign, created by the Komet agency, Visana wants to position itself more strongly in 2022 as a health insurance company that promotes more healthy exercise. To this end, it is launching "Mujinga's Challenge," in which there are initially five challenges to be mastered by the fastest Swiss woman.

Mujingas ChallengeFor some time now, wrestling king Stucki Christian and sprinter Mujinga Kambundji have been brand ambassadors for health insurer Visana, playing a supporting role in its image spots and the lead role in the popular vlog series "Gesund unterwegs" ("Healthy on the Move"). With this year's national spring campaign, Visana now wants to make an even stronger commitment to more exercise and thus to better public health, and thus position itself even more clearly - not least with a view to the next insurance changeover season.

To this end, Komet has developed "Mujinga's Challenge", in which the whole of Switzerland can emulate the athletics idol - starting with an easy interval run and ending with the ultimate box jump training. At the heart of the challenge is a landing page where users can register and receive tips and tricks on the individual challenges from the current 60m indoor world champion in the form of five one-minute videos.

Not only Visana policyholders can earn additional "myPoints bonus points," but all participants can win attractive weekly prizes and active vacations as the grand prize. No wonder, Stucki Christian is also taking part in "Mujinga's Challenge", as you can find out in one of two social awareness spots. In addition, TV spots, tag-ons, online ads and region-specific posters draw the attention of the exercise-savvy target group to the Challenge. And - as the name suggests - always in the thick of it: Mujinga Kambundji.

The case with all the films on the Website of Komet.

Responsible at Visana: Maurizio Della Mura (Head of Marketing Communications), Esther Trüssel (Marketing Specialist), Franziska Lehmann (Marketing Specialist), Leandro Fina (Head of Online Marketing), Michèle Leu (Online Marketing Specialist). Responsible at Komet: Jeff Gerber (CD), Daniel Müller (Text), Claudio Parente (AD/Graphics), Timo Brandt (DTP), Corinne Hert (Client Service Director), Sascha Michael Schilt (Consulting). Photos: Rob Lewis. Film Production: Maybaum AG; Director: Richy Hafner. Online: Nerves. Media Agency: TWmedia and Capture Media.

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