Inheritance creep and mother-in-law cooperate: PAM campaign for Maklando is "all the rage"

The agency PAM Advertising created an out-of-home campaign and slogan for the real estate broker Maklando.


In contrast to the broker's commission, which is many times higher, Maklando offers the entire sales service of private residential property for a fixed price of 12,500 francs.

In order to draw attention to Maklando, Pam created an out-of-home campaign that addresses potential problems related to housing. Three different subjects show not entirely serious situations that can be solved by selling real estate.

PAM also created the campaign-independent slogan "Ganz aus dem Häuschen." for the purpose of positioning Maklando. The slogan communicates the activity of Maklando, namely to get the owner out of the house by selling it. At the same time, the phrase communicates how the seller and buyer of the property feel thanks to Maklando's service.

The current out-of-home campaign can be seen on posters and digital outdoor screens in German-speaking Switzerland. The subjects are shown online as display ads on internet portals and social media.

Responsible at Maklando: Matijas Cosic (CEO), Linda Simonetti (Head of Marketing). Responsible at PAM Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (overall responsibility and creative direction); Yehteh/Philipp Dornbierer (illustration). Responsible at Webrepublic: Pablo Büttikofer (Senior Specialist OOH & Print). Responsible at advendo: Juan Manuel Fernández (Managing Director); Responsible at Parseo: Sandro Mauchle (Digital Marketing Manager).

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