Against violence against children: Jung von Matt Limmat and Parenthood Foundation unite TikTok stars

On the international "No Hitting Day", Swiss TikTok stars are joining forces to campaign for a violence-free upbringing for children - with a make-up tutorial of a very different kind. The campaign was created in collaboration with the Elternsein Foundation and Jung von Matt Limmat.

130,000 children in Switzerland are physically chastised by their parents. Every fourth child is affected by mental violence. 10 percent of parents who strike are in favor of this method of upbringing. For this reason, the international day of action for violence-free parenting, No Hitting Day, has been celebrated on April 30 since 1998. The Elternsein Foundation and Jung von Matt Limmat are joining forces with Swiss TikTok stars to draw attention to this day.

Makeover tutorials instead of makeup tips

When children experience violence, they feel ashamed and try to hide the injuries. Four TikTok content creators have therefore joined forces with the Foundation for Parenting to bring about an improvement in the situation. On the one hand, they want to show kids that they are not alone in their situation, and on the other hand, that it helps if you talk about it with someone you trust - whether friends, family members, teachers or, depending on the age of the child, an aid organization.

For this purpose, Noemi Nikita, Kris Grippo, Tugce Demir and Brian Havarie have created "make-up tutorials". The make-up tutorials of the beauty and make-up experts are clicked on millions of times on TikTok. This time, however, it's not a tutorial on how to properly apply makeup for an upcoming party, but how to use it to conceal an injury on your face. The videos show how the TikToker:ins put on makeup to cover up a black eye. The tutorials are accompanied by the shockingly high numbers of victims of violence that are shown.

Reach of 20 million people

Since around 96 percent of Swiss 12- to 14-year-olds and 90 percent of Swiss 9- to 11-year-olds have the TikTok app installed, the awareness campaign by the Elternsein Foundation and Jung von Matt Limmat reaches the target group directly. Around 20 million people follow the four content creators involved in the campaign.

Noemi Nikita is the most followed Swiss personality on TikTok, with 13 million followers. "This high level of violence in raising children shocked me. That's why I wanted to encourage my young community not to hide, but to talk about parental violence so that the situation improves," says the Bernese about the campaign.

Responsible at Stiftung Elternsein: Thomas Schlickenrieder (Managing Director of Stiftung Elternsein). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Philipp Klink (Text), David Hanselmann (Art Direction), Andrea Braschler (Consulting), Michel Nellen (Consulting/PR), Rob Hartmann (Executive Creative Direction).

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