The House is committed to "Nemo" and homeless youths

Young and homeless: To raise awareness of the Nemo emergency shelter and the issue of youth homelessness, The House developed a campaign including a landing page.

The Nemo, the emergency sleeping center for 16- to 23-year-olds, counted around 1,800 overnight stays in 2021, but has significantly more capacity. The fact is that there is a need - but it is not being used. This is because, like the issue of homelessness among young people, the Nemo emergency sleeping center is little or not at all known among the target group and the general public. It is often difficult for the young people concerned to find their way around. They do not know that there is a specific offer for them among the various emergency sleeping facilities in the city. Many only find their way to Nemo through the police or the "Sip Züri".

The current campaign aims to change that. Hardly anything symbolizes one's own home as clearly as the doormat in front of the entrance door. It is simply part of a comfortable Swiss home. But what happens when you no longer have a home? The home accessory is the core and overarching idea, it becomes a vehicle with which the fates of homeless youths can be surprisingly told. In this way, Nemo is brought to the attention of those affected, their environment and the public.

In the winter of 2020/2021, The House agency decided to invest its expertise and skills in a real problem. This resulted in the project for Nemo, from which the agency developed a high-reach campaign together with like-minded partners. First, with measures on OOH, digital OOH on the Zurich network, public transport advertising, print ads in daily and weekly newspapers, online advertising on news portals and social media. Secondly, in collaboration with influencers. And thirdly, via guerilla and PR.

"We are very grateful that The House has enthusiastically contributed their creativity and network to help young people in need," said Matthias von Allmen, Fundraising Officer

The accompanying guerrilla action is planned for Saturday or, depending on the weather, May 7 on Zurich's lakeside promenade and at Stadelhofen Park, where the doormats will be used with targeted placements.

Responsible at Stiftung Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber: Walter von Arburg (Communications Officer), Matthias von Allmen (Fundraising Officer), Kees van der Plas (Online Marketing & Social Media Officer). Committed to The House: Sascha Borsai (CD Text), Nikolina Caleta (Senior Media Consultant), Verena Carusone (Senior Media Consultant), Michael Dängeli (Senior Consultant), Laura Jaggi (Junior AD), Andreas Jorgella (Director Business-Development), Dimitri Kistler (Media Consultant), Frank Lang (Director Consulting), Daniel Nussbaumer (Senior Media Consultant), Grischa Rubinick (ECD), Oliver Spalt (AD), Corinne Stocker (Senior Consultant), Luzian Storrer (Senior Media Consultant), Stephan Suter (Director Media). Cooperation partner: APG / SGA, Clear Channel Schweiz, Ringier Axel Springer Media, TX Group, VBZ Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich, Kingfluencers, CRK Kommunikation, Jonathan Heyer Fotografie + Film, Detail, Guycolle, Setaprint.

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