TBWA\Zurich shows how McDonald's makes a sustainable difference

A CSR campaign is to publicize the commitment of McDonald's, its licensees, restaurant employees and guests. TBWA\Zurich is responsible for the 360-degree communication. The press work was done by Farner.

Sustainability and responsibility for people, animals, and the environment have long been a top priority at McDonald's. In 2022 alone, an additional 200 tons of plastic will be saved: McDonald's is therefore thinking even bigger than before when it comes to its commitment to sustainability.

Plastic lids and tubes are no longer available in restaurants, salad boxes are now made of cardboard, and cutlery is made of wood. While 91 percent of all packaging was already made of paper or cardboard, the path to a plastic-free future is now being pursued even more consistently. In the end, only 2 percent of all food packaging will remain plastic. As the most important partners, the licensees of McDonald's Switzerland, the restaurant employees and the guests support the innovations and thus make more sustainability possible in the first place.

TBWA\Zurich is therefore bundling this commitment to people, animals and nature under the claim "Zäme en Unterschied machen" (Making a difference together). In the first campaign, two spots focus on the most important differences in packaging and Happy Meal toys. Collage animations explain the innovations and make the commitment to a sustainable future visually unmistakable. The visual upcycling also formally reflects the core idea of the campaign.

The films were conceived and realized in Switzerland. The stop motion studio Tiny Giant was responsible for the two TVCs and Plan B Film for the production.
The campaign was launched as part of Earth Day on Friday and is present on TV, OOH, print, web and social media. The company's own content hub "Engagement 2022" uses animated videos and tutorials from TBWA\Vido to show in detail the changes for the benefit of the environment. The multi-year campaign will be continuously supplemented with further corporate and social responsibility chapters.

Responsible at McDonald's: Jean-Guillaume Bertola (Chief Marketing Officer); Deborah Murith (Head of Corporate Relations Department), Jae Ah Kim (CR Senior Consultant), Sandrine de Cerjat, Severine Caspard, Inga Roxburgh (Marketing Manager). Responsible TBWA\Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Tizian Walti, Calvin Kröhne, Mathias Bart, Reto Clement, Mark Levay, Davide Schenker, Louise Zoeckler, Mario Hipleh (creation), Nadine Müller, Clara Burki, Benjamin Eugster (strategy), Nadja Stickl, Renata Catambas (consulting) Toni Rubera, Noemi Rubera (DTP), Pierre Copsey, Domenico Catena, Fabrice Studer (TBWA\VIDO). Film production: Plan B (production), Jessica Sonderegger (producer), Tiny Giant (animation studio), Claudia Röthlin, Yves Gutjahr (direction), Corina Vögeli (illustration), Jingle Jungle (audio post-production), Federico Bettini, Jingle Jungle (music/composition). Responsible at OMD: Alexander Schmitt, Alina Punz, Bernhard Gschwandtner, Peter Hartmann (Media Planning). Responsible at Farner: Nina Krucker, Sarah Buehler (PR).

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