Mona and Mateo continue the vision of Ewz

100 completely climate-neutral properties by 2030: In collaboration with Mona and Mateo, Ewz has launched the next wave of campaigns for climate-neutral properties. Visionary pioneers for the energy transition are being sought. The measures are aimed directly at real estate professionals throughout German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland.

Becoming more independent of fossil fuels is now even more urgent. Buildings are among the biggest CO2 offenders. With Vision 100/100, Ewz would like to accompany the real estate industry throughout Switzerland on the path to climate neutrality. The goal is to help make 100 properties 100 percent climate-neutral by 2030. Ewz's solutions for heating/cooling, solar energy and electromobility are three major levers for achieving this goal.

To spread the word about the vision of carbon neutrality, Sir Mary and Mona and Mateo launched a dynamic activation campaign in March 2021 ( reported). For the second wave, Mona and Mateo have further developed the Visions campaign and made it more tangible. The motifs are intended to convey with a finger tip that the green potential of the future lies in our own hands.

Industry-specific technical terms are linguistic anchors of the campaign. Implementation variants were designed around, for example, sufficiency potential, ESG performance or CO2 reduction path. They are used with special targeting of social media posts, programmatically played out display banners and print ads with QR codes in the real estate environment. Based on the collected data, the campaign is optimized continuously and in real time.

Responsible at Ewz: Katrin Rüesch (Campaign Management), Leif Grössinger (Print and Online), Roland Trabadelo (Brand), Irena Igic (Web), Pascal Schaub (Head of Marketing & Communications). Concept and implementation: Mona and Mateo.

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