No place for sexism" poster campaign launches in St. Gallen

In the canton of St. Gallen, a survey has revealed the extent of sexual harassment in everyday life. On Monday, a poster campaign will be launched to make collected sayings and comments publicly visible.

Starting Monday, a poster campaign in the canton of St. Gallen will draw attention to the extent of sexual harassment in everyday life. (Image: Canton of St. Gallen)

Between October and February, a survey was conducted in the canton of St. Gallen on the topic of sexual harassment in public spaces. Almost 900 people took part. The result: 84 percent of the women and 17 percent of the men surveyed had been sexually harassed once or several times, according to a statement issued by the Competence Center Integration and Equality of the Canton of St. Gallen on Thursday.

The respondents had mainly reported sexist remarks, followed by uncomfortable closeness, inappropriate glances and unwanted hugs and kisses. They mainly felt uncomfortable when going out, on public transport, at the train station or at bus stops.

There is hardly any in-depth discussion of sexual harassment, the statement says. The No Place for Sexism" Campaign counteract. On Monday, a campaign will start throughout the canton: real sayings and comments collected during the survey will be displayed on large posters in public spaces.

Sexual behavior that happens every day and is considered harmless or tolerable by many "should be made visible to the public and reflected upon," according to a statement. In addition to the posters, accompanying events are also planned. (SDA/swi)

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