PAM and True Fruits explain what the ass forest is

Zurich-based agency PAM Advertising has created the first Swiss special edition for German smoothie manufacturer True Fruits. Since the end of March, a rather unusual word has adorned the smoothie bottles on Swiss supermarket shelves.

PAM Advertising

The first Swiss special edition called Arschwald from True Fruits has been available in this country since the end of March. It is a bottle text with a special reference to Switzerland - and not something obscene, as one or the other person may have thought at first.

PAM exclusively supports True Fruits in the conception and development of bottle texts and bottle designs for the Swiss market ( reported). Further Swiss special editions are already in production and will soon appear in stores.

Responsible at True Fruits: Nicolas Lecloux (CMO), Fee Surges (International Marketing Director), Anna Mehlem (Product and Marketing Manager). Responsible at PAM Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (overall responsibility and creative direction).

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