Branders lets the customers speak for Sanitas

In the current omnichannel campaign for Sanitas, Branders puts customers at the center to show why health insurance is the ideal partner when it comes to caring for, promoting and maintaining health.

BrandersSanitas health insurance presents itself as an ideal health partner that provides its customers with holistic support in all these areas with a range of offerings - from the digital health coach to the customer portal to contemporary products that aim to ensure maximum convenience and smooth processing in the event of illness.

The qualities of honesty, transparency, and credibility are at the heart of the Sanitas campaign for 2022. Under the motto "Let's talk!", viewers will be placed in the middle of the personal environment of various customers and thus participate in conversations and situations as they are written in real life. This communication at eye level is intended to create closeness and familiarity.

Authentic and with a plot twist

The concrete services of Sanitas are conveyed from the perspective of the protagonists. Sometimes it's more dramatic, sometimes more humorous. But what the clips have in common are the plot twists: By taking a surprising turn, the stories are intended to ensure recognition, catchiness and entertainment.

The eleven films advertise various Sanitas services and offers and are shown in three languages. There are also static versions based on portrait photos. In each case, the advertising message is packaged briefly and crisply in a direct quote from a customer. The first wave of the campaign focuses on customer satisfaction.

The campaign was prepared as a digital-first campaign tailored to the target group and can be seen in online video formats on all digital and social media channels. It is supplemented by digital out-of-home in selected regions. Other topics addressed by Sanitas that will be played out later this year include the Sanitas customer portal, the digital health assistant Alva, a new offer, and the "Sanitas Health Forecast", which is published annually in June.

Responsible at Sanitas: Kaspar Trachsel (Head of Sales and Marketing), Valentin Hüsser (Head of Brand Management), Lukas Plewnia (Marketing Manager), Jasmine Rizzo (Marketing Manager), Simone Rolli (Corporate Design Manager). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (Creative Director & CEO), Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience), Sarah Hepp (Senior Brand Designer), Sarah Trendle (Executive Brand Designer), Anita Hsieh (Brand Designer), Walter Tagliaferri (Director Advertising), Patrik Bockhacker (Brand Consultant), Oliver Schmuki (Senior Editor). Responsible for Right & Good: Ariane Pochon (Director), Julia Illig & Ariane Pochon (Producer), Salome Raynal (Production Manager), Nino Michel (DoP), Marlise Isler (Production Design), Nino Michel (Editor), Julian Joseph (Sound Design, Tonverein). Responsible for Webrepublic (Media strategy and digital production): Raphaela Mangold (Client Solutions Manager), Kevin Haab (Senior Consultant Media Strategy), Stephanie Belvedere (Senior Art Director).

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