Anne Hathaway and Roger Federer can't hold a candle to Switzerland

After the great success of "No Drama," Switzerland Tourism is following up: The subject of the 2022 communication offensive is the Grand Tour of Switzerland: the best of Switzerland packed into an unforgettable road trip.

Schweiz TourismusAmbassador and Switzerland fan Roger Federer is once again involved. After trying in vain to get Robert De Niro to appear in a commercial a year ago, he has succeeded this time: Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is once again playing alongside him. So far, so good.

But we rejoiced too soon: we can see how Roger Federer's second attempt to finally realize a tourist film for Switzerland also fails miserably. The American Hollywood star and the tennis champion see the result of their filming for the first time and realize to their horror: they are reduced to two points in the film. The capricious director provides the explanation: the Grand Tour is simply much more impressive than the two world stars. And so Switzerland Tourism's latest film ends on a self-deprecating note: "No one upstages the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

Roger Federer was nervous

Working with Anne Hathaway was great fun for Roger Federer: "It was an absolute privilege to spend time with a global superstar like Anne Hathaway. I was a bit insecure because of her high level of acting. But she was able to give me a lot of tips and couldn't have been nicer. She was very helpful and definitely extremely patient with my acting talent."

Martin Nydegger, director of ST, is also excited about Hathaway: "With Anne as a real Hollywood superstar in our campaign, we are sure to attract worldwide attention for the Grand Tour of Switzerland." For her part, Anne Hathaway has outed herself as a Switzerland fan: "Before filming, I was in the Swiss mountains with my family, and not only was it beautiful, all the people there were so polite and nice, considerate and - it's actually true - very punctual."

Star cast direction

With Bryan Buckley, nicknamed "Mister Super Bowl", one of the most successful directors worldwide could be won for the project. No one has realized more Super Bowl successes than the man from California. "You win the best people with good ideas. In Bryan, we not only found a great director who speaks the language of Hollywood, but also a real team player who honed the ideas with us day and night," says Livio Dainese, Co-CEO of Wirz.

Global campaign 2022

The short film is part of a worldwide campaign to promote the Grand Tour of Switzerland. In addition to the film, various advertising materials are being used under the slogan "I need the road trip of my life. I need Switzerland." Along the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the diversity of Swiss nature is staged. The road trip can, of course, also be completed quite sustainably in an electric car, as it is equipped with charging options throughout. To make the trip even more unique, Roger Federer will be the official guide on the most beautiful road trip through the Alps and will present his personal recommendations.

"The touring segment is enjoying growing popularity. Destination Switzerland offers an incredible variety of experiences in a small space. It's long overdue that this road trip makes it onto the bucket list of our international guests," says André Hefti, Chief Marketing Officer of Switzerland Tourism.

The campaign, which focuses on digital moving images, is being used worldwide. The Sir Mary agency is responsible for the media strategy, control and success monitoring of the campaign. The film was implemented and produced in collaboration with Stories AG.

Behind the Scenes.

Responsible at Switzerland Tourism: Martin Nydegger (CEO); André Hefti (Chief Marketing Officer); Martin Pally (Head of Campaigns); Daniela Chiani (Campaign Manager); Pascal Bloch (Visual Concept Manager); Oliver Nyffeler (Head Productions); Dominic Stöcklin (Head of Media); Natalie Schönbächler (Marketing Distribution Manager); Monica Danuser (Campaign Manager); Felix Pal (Storyteller); Stephanie Ackermann (Trainee Marketing); Marie Jaquet (Social Media Content Manager); Monika Häfliger (Social Media Content Manager). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese, Alain Eicher, Johannes Raggio, Luigi Vitiello, Artur Faria, Jannic Mascello, Björn Bippus, Adrian Busse (creation); Erasmo Palomba (agency producing); Kathrin Jesse, Julia Ewers (strategy); Cosima Lang, Laura Saner (Storyline); Petra Dreyfus, Ria Breitenmoser, Nico Keramaris (Consulting); Thomas Peller, Yussef Serrat, Corinne Räber, Oliver Fäs (Media Realization). Responsible at Stories AG / Hungry Man: Bryan Buckley (Director); Gary Shaw (Cinematographer); Yves Bollag / Matt Buels (Executive Producers); Anna Fueter / Matthew Lefebvre (Producers); Florian Nussbaumer / Hannah Stone (Line Producers); Cabin Editing Company (Offline Edit); Beacon Street Studio (Music); Rascal Post (Online Postproduction); Lennart Ritscher Visualeyes International Artists (Photographer); Harvest Digital Agriculture, Hamburg (Photopost). Responsible at Sir Mary: Fabian Habisreutinger (Partner, Strategy Director Media & Data); Vanessa Habisreutinger (Partner, Director Marketing Technology), Katharina Günther (Senior Media Consultant); Marion Nicolaus (Head of Media Operations & Intelligence); Eticus Rozas (AdTechnology & Programmatic Manager); Maurizio Rugghia (Founder, Managing Partner)

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