Wunderman Thompson is a new starter for SwissEnergy

The Zurich agency Wunderman Thompson has won the tender of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and will mobilize Switzerland for energy-efficient passenger cars in the future.

Wunderman ThompsonThe Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) issued a public invitation to tender for an agency to develop and implement the marketing strategy and communication in the area of "Purchasing behavior for energy-efficient passenger cars" for the SwissEnergy program in the "Mobility" field of action. In a multi-stage pitch, Wunderman Thompson was able to prevail over other agencies.

The task is to support potential car buyers in making a well-informed purchase decision. In concrete terms, this means that if someone is interested in a new car, he or she should choose a model that helps to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions from private passenger transport. And they should do so voluntarily and out of conviction. This primarily involves electromobility, but other alternative drive systems are also an issue.

Go with the flow

From today's perspective, electric cars are the most energy-efficient alternative and have the best eco-balance compared to cars that run on gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, natural gas or synthetic fuels. Furthermore, plug-in vehicles have now become part of everyday life and are becoming more mainstream. For these reasons, the strategy focused clearly on electromobility from the outset - paving the way for the campaign motto "Go with the flow.

Car advertising without cars

To emphasize the neutral and independent information provided by SwissEnergy, the visuals do not depict real vehicles or specific brands. Instead, the key visuals focus on people and their different mobility needs. The campaign conveys the advantages of electric cars and shows that the new form of mobility fits into every everyday life and every living situation - without major changes in habits.

A wide range of digital advertising materials are targeted at people who are already thinking about a new car and are in the buying process. A well thought-out customer journey should make the latest technology accessible, dispel preconceptions, answer open questions, and ultimately lead to concrete actions: For example, taking a test drive in an electric car, having the roof of one's house converted into a solar charging station, or discovering charging options in the vicinity.

All advertising materials lead to the campaign landing page www.fahr-mit-dem-strom.ch with further information, depending on the interest group, on the main topics of the environment, charging or electric cars. The texts and graphics are easy to understand and offer up-to-date information from reliable sources. The content is constantly being expanded, and relevant collaborations with partners such as real estate platforms, mobility clubs and retailers are also planned.

Jean-Marc Geiser, project manager of the "Go with the flow" campaign at the SFOE, explains the reasons behind the evaluation group's decision to award the contract to Wunderman Thompson: "We were really convinced by their marketing concept and digital strategy. An astute concept arouses the interest and curiosity of perfectly identified target groups through innovative measures and makes clear and relevant information widely known. They also convincingly demonstrated their skills and commitment in the presentation."

The duration of the collaboration is set for the years 2021 to 2027 at the most. The campaign will start in April 2022 throughout Switzerland.

Responsible at the Federal Office of Energy: Jean-Marc Geiser (project manager / mobility specialist), Viviane Winter (project manager / mobility specialist), Delphine Morlier (overall project manager). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson:
Giselle Vaugne (Co-CEO), Valeska Kraus (Client Services), Saskia Kremser (Strategy), Marika Magnuszewska, Julia Staub, Alisa Lomovceva, Lea Scherz, Dany Boletas, Pablo Blumer, Samuel Wicki (Creation), Joëlle Seiler (Social Media), Noemi Campanile (Content), Besiana Lauper-Bandilli, Noah Nachtrab (UX/UI), Kim Prinzing (DTP). External partners:
Visualeyes (production), Yves Bachmann (photography), Mark Gmehling (3D visuals).

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