Kind regards, color film and shining: a few degrees can be decisive

Together with Farbfilm Studio / Shining Film, Freundliche Grüsse created a TV spot for Greenpeace Switzerland that symbolically shows the consequences of global warming.

FarbfilmA few degrees Celsius more can be life-threatening. This applies to children with fever as well as to our planet. The current TV spot from Greenpeace Switzerland tells the story of a child whose fever is paid too little attention by his busy parents - after all, it's just a few degrees more than usual. In the end, the child has to be taken away as an outpatient. If the parents had not acted in time, it would have been too late.

This image is mirrored in the film with the climate catastrophe: With this topic, too, action is knowingly postponed until later, although even one degree has great consequences. With this film, Greenpeace Switzerland wants to make the population aware of the great time urgency of the current climate situation. In the process, donations are collected for the ongoing campaign against climate catastrophe.

The project started with a workshop of Greenpeace Switzerland and Freundliche Grüsse, where the basic idea was born, and was completed as a co-creation with different participants, with Farbfilm Studio being responsible for the lead in the film production.

Responsible at Greenpeace Switzerland: Anita Reber, Emanuel Büchler (Multimedia Production), Nemi Wildbolz (Freelance Text / Concept). Responsible at Friendly regards: Samuel Textor (Creative Direction), Christian Stüdi (Text / Concept). Responsible at Farbfilm Studio / Shining Film (film production): Samuel Morris (Director), Marco Frei (DoP), Flo Brunner (Producer), Stefan Bircher (Producer), responsible for Jingle Jungle (Sound Design): Robert Büchel. Responsible at 86Tales (film music): Gordian Gleiss.

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