Sir Mary launches "fresh" mobile youth subscription with Sunrise

With a comprehensive campaign, the Sir Mary agency creates a new youth world for Sunrise. The many advantages of the new mobile subscription are dramatized on all channels of "Generation Z". 


Sunrise Fresh is to be positioned as a carefree package for all under-30s. In addition to Apple Music and unlimited data volume, the mobile subscription also includes cell phone insurance. There is also a half-price Half-Fare card and a lifetime subscription price guarantee. So there are a lot of clever benefits to offer a target group whose attention span is notoriously short.

This tendency to fast-moving is also reflected in the campaign concept, which works via specially designed abbreviations. For example, the bundle claim #FreshExtrasFreshLife becomes the abbreviation FXFL and feature claims such as #UnlimitedData or #HalbtaxZumHalbenPreis become UNLD and HTHP respectively. The products can thus be conveyed in a form that does justice to Generation Z's feverish reception behavior.

At the heart of the digital-first campaign are six dynamic short spots and animated key visuals set in a surreal world of color and imagery. Each spot dramatizes a different Sunrise Fresh benefit, blending the real and digital worlds in varying degrees of wild and whimsical ways. For example, a ride on a live peacock statue with electrified feathers or a heart massage on a damaged phone with jellyfish rising from its cracks.

Based on the media usage behavior of Generation Z, Sir Mary has developed an agile media strategy and is responsible for the entire digital distribution. The spots will be played out immediately via Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Additional measures such as DOOH, audio and cinema spots, as well as social media and POS activations round off the 360-degree campaign.

"Sunrise Fresh is a milestone for us and underlines our ambition to become number 1 in the youth segment. That's why it was also important for the campaign that we clearly differentiate ourselves from the market and inspire the target group. I'm proud of how we mastered this challenge in the shortest possible time together with Sir Mary," is how Andreas Caluori, Senior Director Brand Management & Communications, sums up the collaboration.


Responsible at Sunrise: Marc Halm (Senior Digital & Social Marketing Manager), Anna Leutar (Senior Marketing Manager), Andreas Caluori (Senior Director Brand Management & Communications). In charge at Sir Mary's: Adrian Merz (Creative Director), Leandro Disler (Art Director), Jodok Meier (Copywriter), Torben Cording (Art Director), Florian Birkner (Copywriter), Thomas Berger (Art Director), Peter Brönnimann (Copywriter), Nadine Treml (Account Manager), Türi Cengiz (Account Director), Nicolas Hostettler (Strategy Director), Fabian Habisreutinger (Strategy Director Media), Kevin Schaelchlin (Digital Planner & Consultant), Vanessa Habisreutinger (Director AdTech), Eticus Rozas (Ad Technology & Data Manager), Jeannine Buscher (Social Media), Maurice Ziegler (Social Media), Daniel Zuberbühler (Managing Partner), Maurizio Rugghia (Managing Partner), Florian Beck (Chief Creative Officer). Responsible at Dynamic Frame: Stefano & Alejandra (Director), Jan Mettler (DOP), Luzius Fischer (Executive Producer), Alina Benz (Producer), Theresa Berres (Producer), Gabi Morales (Production Design), Jeniffer Tschuggmel (Styling), Matteo Leone (Hair & Make-Up), Superposition (Motion Control), Tape (Postproduction & VFX), ROLI Deluxe (3D Typography Design), Samuel Muff (Colour Grading), Stereotype (Sound Design & Music).

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