Wirz brings the vote to the table with Migros beer

Democracy to drink: As part of the Migros referendum on alcohol sales, Wirz worked with Migros to develop a new product for the retailer - Migros beer.

Migros-BierBy June 4, the 2.3 million members of the Migros cooperative will vote on whether the retailer will sell alcohol in the future - an issue that is highly polarizing.

The communicative accompaniment of such a controversial vote involves some stumbling blocks. To solve this challenge, Wirz developed an idea that goes beyond a classic information campaign and addresses both the pro and the con camp.

The agency created a product innovation together with Migros - the Migros beer. The highlight is that the beer is directly linked to the vote. Depending on the outcome of the vote, either the alcoholic or the non-alcoholic variant is added to the product range in the cooperatives. The two beers - appropriately named "Oui" (with alcohol) and "Non" (without alcohol) - are intended to make it clear that there will always be a reason for a toast, regardless of the outcome of the vote.

In this way, the complex and political topic is to be treated in a light-footed and "palatable" manner and at the same time create enthusiasm for the democratic right of co-determination at Migros. After the initial announcement, the activation already met with great media response and led to various discussions on social channels.

In addition to the product idea, Wirz is also responsible for the packaging design and the associated campaign, which will be seen from now until the vote on various channels such as OOH, print, social media, display ads and on TV. The "Oui" or the "Non" will hit the stores after the vote.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Désirée Strassmann, Frédéric Zürcher (Umbrella Brand Campaigning); Philipp Bühler (Digital Campaigning & Promotions); Simone Blaser (Media); Christoph Rytz (Communication & Media). Responsible at Wirz: Petra Dreyfus, Livio Dainese (CEO); Lorenz Clormann, Jan Kempter, Jannic Mascello, Hannah Züttel, Najla Becirovic, Tony de Faria, Matthias Fürst (Creation); Erasmo Palomba, Ruwanie Hayoz (Agency Producing); Ella Papadakis, Julia Mutter, Carolina Jiménez (Consulting); Hinrich Wittern (Strategy); Corinne Räber, Eros Montagnani, Giovanni Bucca, Karin Gartmann, Oliver Fäs, Rahel Signer, Sonja Jegen, Yussef Serrat (Media Realization). Responsible at Stories (film production): Natascha Vavrina (director/cinematographer); Florian Nussbaumer (executive producer); Chenyi Guo (producer); Wolfgang Weigl (editor); Jingle Jungle (sound studio); Stories (post-production).

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