Campbell & Jones launches data center campaign for Microsoft Switzerland

On Thursday, Microsoft Switzerland launches a campaign to highlight the importance of its local data centers in Zurich and Geneva. The focus is on customers such as Bank Avera and the respective benefits of cloud technologies.

"At Bank Avera, we support the digital demands of our clientele," says customer advisor Sabrina Zimmermann. This is one of the subjects of Microsoft Switzerland's campaign launched on Thursday around its two data center regions in Zurich and Geneva - the heart of Microsoft's cloud infrastructure in Switzerland. But the focus is not just on the technology itself, but on people - and how this technology benefits them in their work, Microsoft writes in a statement.

In total, the first part of the campaign covers three subjects with Bank Avera and is to be continuously supplemented with other clients. Among other things, these will be played out online as videos and can be seen at selected locations - for example, at Zurich Airport, where Microsoft's new headquarters are located.

The campaign was developed by the Microsoft Switzerland marketing team in collaboration with the Campbell & Jones agency. "Our goal with this campaign is not only to address a business audience. It allows us to make the innovative power of our cloud in Switzerland more tangible for the general population," says Nadine Nyffenegger, Head of Marketing Communications at Microsoft Switzerland. "The cloud has long been more than just a storage space for data. It is the key to computing power and services such as artificial intelligence for companies and organizations of all sizes in Switzerland."

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