Stuiq writes music hit for Pax

Stuiq develops a national awareness campaign for Pax Insurance's new "payout plan" - and delivers the in-house campaign hit, including a peppy music video, right along with it.

The campaign is aimed at the target group of best agers and introduces Pax's new pension product. It includes the sing-a-long song "Nix pi, pa, po - I wött einfach nur Pax," sung by Ayo Hope, musician and storyteller at Stuiq.

In the music video, TV actor Vincent Leittersdorf dances light-footedly through everyday snapshots - reflecting the target group's carefree attitude to life. Concrete contents of the product are part of the lyrics. The agency realized the song, music video and the entire campaign in-house.

"The song idea convinced directly, the funny music video with actor Vincent in top form fits seamlessly into our brand communication. The team harmonized throughout the project and we are all convinced that Stuiq's digital expertise gives the campaign the scope it deserves" says Daniel Mutz, Head of Sales and Marketing at Pax Insurance.

The music video is used at target group-specific touchpoints on social media as well as in programmatically purchased display and video placements on premium websites - in three languages and throughout Switzerland. Stuiq is responsible for the complete digital strategy along the sales funnel. A longer-term approach is taken to make the product known and position it sustainably in the target group of best agers.

Responsible at Pax: Daniel Mutz (Head of Sales & Marketing), Perry Streit (Head of Brokercenter German-speaking Switzerland), Diana Stocker (Head of Direct Sales), Rafael Eigenmann (Products & Pricing PV), Susanne Breuer (Content & Channel Marketing), Darija Trcak (Content & Channel Marketing), Ismael Lopez (Content & Channel Marketing). Branding: Ehingerbc. Strategy, creation, implementation, music, film production: Stuiq. Media: ZipMedia (push measures and retargeting), Sidekicks (SEA).

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