Plan B for Digitec: If the rescue takes a little longer

The new digitec TVC once again presents itself cinematically. This time, a bearded customer ventures into icy heights to rescue a drone.

Sometimes the longed-for rescue takes a little longer. What movie fans remember from "The Revenant" also applies to the spectacular rescue operation of a Digitec customer, which the new commercial retells in the usual cinematic manner. A bearded man climbs to the top of a 20-meter-high tree to rescue his drone, which had been stranded there weeks earlier, from a dizzying height. Or at least almost. This film is also based on a real community review and thus provides another humorous insight into the lives of customers from the perspective of the products. The new film can be seen from March 14 on TV and in cinemas, as well as in various adaptations on social media channels.

Responsible at Digitec Galaxus AG: Martin Walthert (Chief Marketing Officer), Flurin Spring (Creative Director), Daniel Kobi (Art Director), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management), Mariya Alipieva (Project Management & Brand Management), Cédric Feusi (Digital Marketing), Luca Giugliano (Digital Marketing & Media Planning), Anne Chapuis (French Translation).

Responsible at Plan B: Chris Niemeyer (Director), HC Vogel (Producer), Jessica Sonderegger (Producer), Filip Zumbrunn (DoP), Frederik Bauer (VFX), Christoph Menzi (Edit). Adriel Pfister (Grading), Sound post production: UKO - The Audio Suite.

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