Furrerhugi co-develops campaign for youth parliaments

The campaign "Gemeinsam mitgestalten" ("Shaping together") shows what drives teenagers and young adults to get involved in a youth parliament, and thus aims to motivate even more 15- to 25-year-olds to get involved. furrerhugi helped develop and design it from the idea to the implementation.

By young people for young people: On March 2, 2022, the youth parliaments launched their "Shaping Together" campaign.

Acquire the tools to shape the world of tomorrow. Engaging in dialogue with other young people about common issues. Or simply meeting up with friends and having fun together. Young people and young adults cite these and other points as their motivation for becoming involved in one of the 90 or so youth parliaments (JuPas) and youth councils in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Under the motto "Shaping together," a nationwide digital campaign aims to make the motivation, experiences and successes of these young people more visible. At co-design.chInstagramTik Tok and Youtube members tell why they are involved and what they have achieved. In the course of the campaign, more testimonials will be received to show the added value that JuPas offer their members. The aim is to get more 15- to 25-year-olds involved in the campaign. for a commitment to their local JuPa.

furrerhugi was able to help develop the campaign "Gemeinsam mitgestalten" (Shaping together) together with a working group from the five cantonal JuPas of Aargau, Bern, Fribourg, St. Gallen and both Appenzells as well as Zurich. In addition furrerhugi for the visual appearance, the website, the social media campaign, content production and media relations.

Responsible for furrerhugi: Thomas Meier (mandate management), Camilla Lafranchi (consulting), Matthias Halbeis (media relations), Patrick Blaser (website, social media), Paloma Kilchenmann (content production), Sonja Rychener (graphics).
Responsible at Youth Parliaments: Jannis Strauss (JuPa Bern), Project Manager.

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