Drop8 makes Ameos known throughout Switzerland

In order to strengthen awareness of Ameos among Swiss nursing professionals and attract new professionals, the healthcare provider has implemented an image and employer branding campaign together with Drop8.

The campaign is intended to increase awareness of Ameos in Switzerland among the target group of nursing professionals. In addition, a targeted digital strategy should draw the attention of potential new employees to the attractive employment conditions at Ameos Einsiedeln Hospital and motivate them to apply.

In order to reach the narrow target group as efficiently as possible and without major wastage, various targeting solutions were used. In addition to the digital online measures, programmatic DOOH placements were selected to reach care professionals with digital outdoor advertising in addition to conventional display advertising. All measures were fully programmatic.

According to Drop8, Ameos saw a significant uplift in applications and brand awareness among its target audience as a result of the digital campaign.

"The use of Programmatic DOOH allows us to seamlessly integrate outdoor advertising into the digital mix. All digital advertising measures can now be efficiently coordinated from a central location, resulting in a significantly more attractive return on media investment for our customers," explains Monty Meier, Managing Director of Drop8.

"The Drop8 team took an in-depth look at our brand and our challenges in advance and planned a customized and very efficient campaign with us. During the runtime, the performance of the various activities was closely monitored and the campaign was continuously optimized to ensure high visibility among the relevant target group," adds André Sidler, Head of Marketing and Communications, Ameos Region South / Locations Switzerland.

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