Ceres Media for AMS: It's the inner values that count

AMS Agro-Marketing Schweiz has launched the new Suisse-Garantie campaign "It's what's inside that counts." was launched. Ceres Media is responsible for planning and media, the creation comes from Fairfactory.

The marketing organization of the Swiss agricultural and food industry AMS celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022. One of the achievements of AMS is the guarantee brand Suisse Garantie. As a guarantee mark of origin, Suisse Garantie checks whether the labeled products are really made with Swiss raw materials and in Switzerland.

With the current advertising campaign, Suisse Garantie wants to show the uniqueness of agricultural products from Switzerland in spectacular close-ups and draw attention to their inner values.

"A strawberry from Switzerland, for example, looks exactly like a strawberry from Almeria in Spain, and yet it is not the same strawberry. What you don't see are the inner values: transport routes, cultivated land, climate, water, soils, sustainability, social conditions. There are clear differences," explains AMS President Urs Schneider.

The importance of AMS for agriculture is great. Around 80 percent of the income of farming families results from the sale of their products or services. Today, Coop, Migros, Volg, Denner, Spar, Aldi, Lidl, Prodega and McDonald's offer products marked with Suisse Garantie.

Studies also show that the origin of food is strongly weighted: In a survey conducted by GfK in 2021, 81 percent of respondents say they usually or always pay attention to Switzerland as the country of origin when buying food. 67 percent say they pay attention to Suisse Garantie when doing so.

Responsible for AMS: Urs Schneider (President), Denis Etienne (Managing Director). Project management Suisse GarantieMarcel Portmann (Proviande), Martin Ruest (Swissmilk). Impact measurement: Reto Grolimund (Swissmilk). Responsible at Ceres Media (media strategy and planning)Caroline Nagiel, Alessandro Giuliano. Responsible at FairFactory (creation): Kurt Schmid, Claude Schaub. Responsible at Stories (Film): Florian Nussbaumer, Pascal Walder (DOP). Photo posters: Photography Phil Müller.


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