Mainland brings Sanitas Troesch brand strategy to life

The claim "Bathroom. Kitchen. Life." briefly shows what Sanitas Troesch stands for. This was to be reflected in the new imagery. This was implemented by Festland and Sanitas Troesch in a co-creation process.

The strategy of Sanitas Troesch was developed in close cooperation between the management and the agency, writes Festland in a press release. The corporate purpose derived from the strategy, "We make it easy to feel completely at ease in the bathroom and kitchen", was implemented in an initial co-creation in the brand core and the claim "Bad. Kitchen. Life." condensed.

The collaboration between the client, agency and external specialists came to fruition again in the development of the campaign images. The key visuals were to bring the brand strategy to life and show life in the bathroom and kitchen in a special way. The imagery needed to stand out from the competition. "The appearance must be an eye-catcher on all channels - offline and online. Especially in the trade press, which is teeming with beautiful interior design images," says Marco Serratore, Head of Marketing & Communication at Sanitas Troesch. "And contain just the right amount of irritation that makes for good advertising."

The solution was photorealistic architectural renderings of kitchens and bathrooms, complemented by colorful drawings animated in digital media. The figures created by illustrator Arbnore Toska are intended to bring the life that takes place in these rooms into the picture in a surprising and humorous way. They tell stories taken from everyday life that are intended to be retold in the minds of the viewers. The illustrations were animated by Burki Scherer for use on digital channels.

On the one hand, the renderings by Raumgleiter had to accurately reflect the furnishings and materials of the various bathrooms and kitchens; on the other hand, the images had to provide sufficient scope for the illustrations. It was important to involve the illustrator, the mainland creatives, but in particular the respective kitchen and bathroom product managers, the technical experts from both areas and the marketing services, so that the images would make the expertise of Sanitas Troesch visible. "In the end, this interplay of internal and external perspectives made for a convincing result," says Marco Serratore "Together, we created a unique visual world that can be used in a variety of ways, surprises again and again in the long term and never gets boring."

The independent design language is another recognizable feature of the campaign imagery. The brand element derived from the logo shape with the slanted edge and rounded corner serves as a frame for the images and is used in an accentuated way, for example in print or on the front pages of brochures. The renderings and illustrations had to be composed in such a way that they could work in any format.

Responsible at Sanitas TroeschMarco Serratore (Head of Marketing & Communication). Responsible agencyMainland St.Gallen and Zurich. Illustrations: Arbnore Toska. RenderingsFrancine Rotzetter (Managing Partner, Raumgleiter). AnimationsBurki Scherer.

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