Work you can't see: Schläfle Trittibach promotes FineSkin

"It's nice that you can't see our work." - that's the message of the campaign created by the Schläfle Trittibach agency for the beauty aesthetics service provider FineSkin.

FineSkin is a Swiss institute for skin aesthetics and cosmetic surgery. The offer includes medical cosmetics, aesthetic dermatology and aesthetic surgery. FineSkin specializes in treating unwanted changes to the skin and body in a way that is gentle on health and successful. The focus is on naturalness and lasting effect.

The Schläfle Trittibach agency was commissioned with the conception and implementation of the communication campaign and the redesign of the institutes. FineSkin's gentle approach inspired the agency's campaign message, "It's nice not to show our work." After all, the goal is to maintain individual and natural beauty in every procedure. Thanks to FineSkin's specialists, the procedures thus remain almost invisible to outsiders and appear natural.

The campaign can be seen on TV, on posters at POS, and on social networks. This will be accompanied by a social media campaign.

Responsible at FineSkin: Natalia Kavena (CEO).
Responsible at Schläfle Trittibach: Marcel Schläfle, Christoph Trittibach (Creative Direction), Thomas Buchwalder (Photography), Pascal Wasinger (Film), Michael Kull (Music).

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