Friendly greetings lets fly for Franke oven trays

Kitchen, bathroom and catering specialist Franke has launched the surprisingly spacious "Maris" sink. Freundliche Grüsse has developed a spot for it that is intended to dramatize the size of the product in a rather atypical film genre.

More and more people are using their dishwasher for all kitchen utensils, except for the large pots and baking trays that don't fit in the machine. The new Maris sink from Franke does away with the drip tray and thus offers additional space so that kitchen owners can, for example, place entire baking trays directly in the sink and wash them. In this way, the new sink aims to meet the size and design requirements in modern kitchens.

This is also the point of departure for the Freundliche Grüsse commercial. Using a familiar film scene and appropriately dramatic music, the arrival of a large flying object in the kitchen is narrated from the point of view of a boy. A spaceship that turns out to be an oven tray and floats directly into the sink.

"When we thought about the main benefit of the sink - its spacious sink - we decided that we wanted to do something bold and spectacular," explains Gianluca Vigato, Head of Advertising & Communication at Franke Home Solutions. "The creativity of this commercial communicates in a light-hearted and intelligent way, and with a visual and musical reference that everyone is familiar with, how impressive and spectacularly large the Maris Fraganite sink is in any kitchen environment."

The product launch is accompanied by a brochure and various ads that dramatize the spaciousness of the sink.

Responsible at Franke Home Solutions: Gianluca Vigato (Head of Advertising & Communication), Giorgia Longoni (Head of Digital and E-Commerce), Serena Sorana (Head of Trade Marketing), Milly Barba (Digital Project Manager), Fabio Ragusa (Web Specialist), Anna Hennebole (Brand Manager), Michele Moscatelli (Marketing Specialist), Silvia Guse (Social Media Specialist), John Mc Dermott (Communication Specialist). Responsible at Friendly regards: Samuel Textor, Pascal Deville (Creative Direction), Norihito Ida (Art Direction), David Elmiger (Text/Concept), Laura Leuenberger (Design), Marion Schwager, Sarah Winker (Consulting).

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