"We are even": Stuiq creates awareness campaign for workforce portal

Stuiq developed a campaign for Quitt, the portal for registering and managing domestic help.

Hiring private workers should not be a gray area - according to Swiss law, and this was also the clear opinion of Quitt and Stuiq. Together in a collaborative process, after winning the pitch, Stuiq developed a national and multimedia awareness campaign with a very clear, powerful and human message: "We are Quitt."

Quitt's full-digital solution is designed to be not only straightforward, but also social and smart. The software-as-a-service start-up takes care of the complex process involving registration, payroll, insurance and many other bureaucratic activities. So that private workers are employed fairly, legally and safely. The visuals and spots are not only intended to raise awareness of the quitt brand and push the services, but also to raise awareness of the socially relevant issue. After all, it's about fairness and togetherness.

As part of the campaign development, Stuiq also analyzed the user journeys and the customer experience of quitt users and implemented concrete optimization proposals in the areas of UX/UI. This is to ensure that, in addition to brand awareness, the conversion rate is also sustainably increased.

"We are convinced that Stuiq's campaign is really awareness-boosting. Fresh, colorful look and super bold appearance. All with a holistic mindset. It was an exciting, inspiring, collaborative process. And most importantly, we can't wait to see our first spots on TV," says David Christen, Co-Founder and CMO of quitt.

Wir sind quitt

Responsible at quitt./ServiceHunter AG: Marie-Christin Kamann (CEO), David Christen (CMO), Andres Roost (Sales and Growth Manager).
Development and implementation: Stuiq

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