Jung von Matt Limmat and Swisscom get to the heart of generations

In the latest editorial format of the joint social media team of Swisscom and Jung von Matt Limmat, worlds collide: In "Gen Who," different generations explain terms from their time to each other and thus test the other person right away.

Jung von Matt Limmat

The Blue TV voice tests four duos for their "media knowledge" of the past and present. The focus is on topics such as entertainment, communication and gaming - core topics for Swisscom where it is important to be ready for the future.

Together you are smarter

It quickly becomes apparent that many terms and things that were once commonplace are now far removed. What did the dial-up tone to the Internet actually sound like? And what did the work of a telephone operator look like? Conversely, terms that are commonplace for Gen Z and Gen Y today are not at all self-explanatory. The Flämmli icon, "Switzerlan" or chatbots - cryptic terms from another time.

In the end, however, it becomes clear that the "vibe" of the generations is not so different. Because a lot of things from the past are also there today - just a bit different.

The social media hero campaign, which was realized in collaboration with Swisscom's content and social media marketing team and Jung von Matt Limmat, has been present on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok since the beginning of February and has generated over 3.8 million views to date.

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