Home and BC Zak provide Perfect Matches in everyday life

The Bank Cler campaign for the neobanking app "Zak" enters the next round with new subjects. Home Zurich positions Zak as a self-evident solution for all money matters in everyday life.

Heimat und BC Zak

With features such as savings pots, foreign payments at favorable conditions, free account and card with mobile payment, attractive pension options and shared pots, Zak aims to make everyday financial life easier.

As already in the first part of the campaign the sequel is once again about the "perfect match", i.e. things that simply belong together and simplify our everyday lives by complementing each other perfectly. A band-aid helps with a boo-boo, a mower gets the lawn in shape, earpieces are used on the head and Zak is there for everything to do with money.

In a second level, the subjects resolve directly with the practical features of the app, such as "For shopping, there's mobile payment" and "For old age, there's retirement planning".

In addition to online films, environment-related special banners on Tutti.ch, Doodle and Pinterest as well as an editorial feature on the life hack portal Sodamag and advertisements in the Coop newspaper complement the campaign.

Responsible at Bank Cler: Gregor Eicher, Debora Gassmann. Responsible agency: Home Zurich. Responsible at Who's mcqueen picture (film production): Clemens Petersson (producer), Oliver Nanzig (director, photography), Alex Herzog (camera). Media: PHD.

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