Romeo & Jane produces explanatory film on naturalization

The Zurich agency Romeo & Jane helps foreigners to understand the naturalization procedure of the city of Zurich with an explanatory film.

Romeo & Jane hilft AusländerMore than 30 percent of the citizens of the city of Zurich are foreigners. They are part of Zurich society and contribute their share to the city's prosperity. Many of them plan their future in Switzerland and want to have a say in shaping it.

In order to motivate potential candidates for naturalization, Romeo & Jane designed and produced an explanatory film. According to the client, the City of Zurich, the aim was to reduce the fears of foreigners and to present the naturalization process as it is - fair and at eye level.

For the agency, it was already clear during the pitch phase that the film would not be an animation, but would be realized in the studio with an actor. "It was important to us to create proximity and trust in order to optimally pick up foreign residents," explains David Schildknecht, owner and director of Romeo & Jane.

For this reason, the idea of giving a face to Swiss citizens who have recently naturalized was very well received by the client. "Romeo & Jane understood how to involve the target group in the film and offer them a platform," says Samira Bahrami, Head of the Naturalization Department of the City of Zurich.

According to Romeo & Jane, writing the script was an exciting job with completely new points of contact. "As a Swiss, you never think about your nationality. You just have the passport," Schildknecht explains the familiarization with the topic. For the whole team, it was an exciting and instructive confrontation with laws, borders and fates.

The result is an explanatory film that loosely illustrates and plays with a serious topic. The film will support the city of Zurich in its information campaign over the next few years.

Responsible at City of Zurich: Samira Bahrami (Head of the Naturalization Department), Lena Wunderlin (Naturalization Specialist). Responsible at Romeo & Jane: David Schildknecht (Idea, Producer & Director), Sandra Bühler (Idea & Production Management), Bastian Meier (DoP), Hanspeter Wieland (Lighting), Antonia Dobler (Set Design) Irene Küng (Set Design), Silvio Anania (Sound), Hair & Make-up (Anna Winter), Adrian Aeschbacher (Editing), Tobias Schilling (Sound Mixing), Tobias Kalbermatten (Motion Design).

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