Habegger realizes image film for TKB

For Thurgauer Kantonalbank, Habegger realized a new image film in cooperation with Iwish Productions, which is intended to express the values and deep roots of the bank.

Habegger Imagefilm
The image compositions were sketched out in detail in advance. (Image: Habegger)

46 different scenes, 35 extras, 25 locations and eleven days of shooting: The image film of the Thurgauer Kantonalbank TKB is many things, but not ordinary. TKB's goal was to express its values and its deep roots with the people of Thurgau.

Complex image composition

Habegger developed a refreshing and thoughtful script that was designed to highlight the interplay of the different facets of life and consequently TKB's slogan "For all of life" in a sympathetic as well as visually surprising way. "The film's visual composition nonverbally underscores our message in every scene," explains Sandhya Mirajkar, Creative Consultant at Habegger.

However, the complex composition required meticulous planning: The entire script was sketched out in detail in advance on the basis of the texts provided by TKB. The process took around a year, from the initial brainstorming to the first day of shooting.

An image film that expresses the facets of life of TKB customers. (Image: Habegger)

Challenging twist

The implementation of the script including the direction was realized by the Zurich film production company Iwish. "All the images had not only an aesthetic requirement, as usual. To create harmonious transitions, the geometry and timing also had to be right. This was not an everyday situation on the shoot," explains Daniel Suter, who together with Joél Lopez formed the camera and director duo. Mastering this exciting challenge was only possible thanks to the well-rehearsed crew, good planning and a dash of improvisational talent.

Responsible at Thurgauer Kantonalbank: Corporate Communications. Responsible at Habegger: Samuel Röthlisberger, Sandhya Mirajkar, Neva Tres, Noa Röthlisberger. Responsible at Iwish Productions: Daniel Suter, Joél Lopez.

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