Silverspot creates the Biotta moment 2.0

Film production company Silverspot was commissioned by Biotta to create a campaign that would fit in with Biotta's existing communications while appealing to new target groups.

"The question we asked ourselves: how can we highlight new aspects of the product in such a way that a new target group under the age of 30, in particular, feels addressed by it," explains Nicolas Vonlanthen, Creative Director at Silverspot.

The result is a campaign with, on the one hand, a TV spot that shows special moments in which the specific target group is the focus. And on the other hand, it also includes a call to action in social media channels to capture your own "personal Biotta.moment" on video and share it on social media.

"To increase interactivity in the target group, we have linked a competition to this at the same time," explains Remo Civatti, Managing Director of Silverspot. "Furthermore, polls on social channels will add to the virality." According to Civatti, a large number of videos have already been recorded.

"The great thing is that the campaign has the uniqueness of being self-renewing via social media. Even after the TV spots have all been broadcast," Silverspot CD Vonlanthen continues.

The campaign "The Biotta Moment 2.0" was implemented entirely in-house at Silverspot, from conception to delivery, and has been running throughout Switzerland since Monday.

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