Wirz and Webrepublic cooperate as BoB for Yallo umbrella campaign

The new umbrella campaign by Wirz and Webrepublic (acting together as BoB) is designed to make it clear that Yallo has more to offer than just low-cost mobile subscriptions.  

The Sunrise-UPC brand Yallo has developed into a full-service provider that leaves nothing to be desired with mobile, Internet and TV. In the general perception, however, Yallo is still primarily associated with "cheap mobile subscriptions". The new umbrella campaign, which was created together with Wirz and Webrepublic in the collaboration mode BoB - Best of Both - is now intended to change this. Because yallo is still cheap, but also much more than that.

For this purpose, the two agencies created the long-term communicative platform "yallo is more". Just as direct and straightforward as the motto is the associated multichannel campaign, which shows loudly, colorfully, and with a certain lightness what yallo is all about.

At the center of the campaign are a TV spot and a series of online films that illustrate Yallo's entire range of services and also describe the brand experience with a slight wink. The films are flanked by various OOH and print subjects, display ads and social media measures, which in turn proclaim that Yallo is simply more.

To ensure the interplay of the diverse online and offline measures and to optimally coordinate creation and media, Wirz and Webrepublic merged idea development, media strategy and technical implementation from the very beginning. The campaign runs from the end of January and will be in action in two waves until spring.

Responsible at yallo: Christoph Richartz (Chief YOL Officer), André Hodel (Senior Director Growth & Brand), Maike Büchler (Senior Marketing & Communications Manager), Mariangela Coco (Head of Acquisition Marketing and Web Analytics). Responsible at BoB: Jan Kempter, Katja Martinello, Manuel Ritsch, Marcus Josty, Yannick Schaller, Zara Velchev (creation); Erasmo Palomba (agency producing); Fabian Nold, Janna Löhr, Julia Treudler, Nico Keramaris, Simone Jehle (consulting); Eliane Müller, Marleen Diener, Fabio Calise (Strategy); Eros Montagnini, Rahel Signer, Thomas Peller (Media Realization), Erika Berardi, Lena Hering (Media Planning Online). Responsible for Mygosh (film production): Lamar Hawkins (Executive Producer), Kinki Factory (Directors): Pedro Triviñio & Guillermo Aliaga (Directors), Ulrich Kirchner & Daniel Harder (Producers); Oriol Colomar (Director of Photography); Run Zebra Run (Postproduction Video); Music: Pickle Music, Madrid, Bloop (Postproduction Audio). Mediatonic (Media Planning Offline): Marco Rose (Co-Owner & Head of Strategy), Cédric Zwicky (Media Planner).

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