Shining lets Älpler Gian save energy for Swisscom

The popular format of Älpler commercials was expanded by Fröhlich with Shining, a new film on the subject of energy efficiency.

Small helpers, big impact. Smart Life is Swisscom's contribution to a simpler, safer and more pleasant everyday life. The core of the offering is the free Home App as a smart hub for managing & linking the most popular smart home devices in Switzerland.

More than 100,000 customers are already using the app to control their homes - regardless of where they are, whether directly via app, voice or automated. So far, more than 50 products from manufacturers such as Sonos, iRobot, Philips Hue and Ikea can be used. Swisscom customers can also use the Home app to organize their Wi-Fi, including parental control, time control, and reception optimization.

The new commercial aims to raise awareness of the fact that Swisscom's Smart Life offers make a major contribution to more energy-efficient solutions in everyday life. In it, Älpler Gian, an experienced and mischievous pragmatist, makes life a little more pleasant for himself with the all-round carefree solution "Home App" while he pursues his favorite pastime of all: everyday philosophy.

With a hearty off-camera dialect, the rural everyday poet comments on his witty and surprising thoughts with refreshing views on God, the world and technology.

Gian likes to work, but also knows where to save work. He meets the changing times with stoic composure as well as openness and curiosity. Because Gian knows how to sweeten his life and uses smart home gadgets to do so.

Responsible at Swisscom: Daniel Fisler (Content & Digital Marketing), Simon Lanzi (Senior Communication Manager), Florian Schlapbach (Business Owner Smart Life), Mehmet Öngören and Claudio Büchi (Home App & Smart Home, Technical Support).

Responsible at Shining Film AG: Stefan Bircher (Executive Producer), Laurent Arber (Junior Producer), Fröhlich (Director), Sven Probst (Cinematographer), Nicolas Bechtel (Editor), Jonathan C. Meier (Music), Bluebox (Sound Design and Mixing), Simon Hardegger (Colorgrading).

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