Monami gives Benedict school a new look

Slogan, visual language appearance - everything new at the Benedict schools. The campaign was designed and implemented by Monami.

New slogan, new visual language, new appearance: The new campaign of the Benedict School has just been launched under the slogan "Learn something useful instead". The centerpiece of the campaign is a video series that focuses on how-to videos. The main attraction is that the tutorials explain various absurdities in a contemporary Net manner and with several homages to the World Wide Web - for example, how to eat spaghetti in a straight line or how to generate curls for the office plant.

The clips will be seen on social media, in cinemas as well as TV. Furthermore, static elements, TikToks, memes and banners will also be added to bridge the gap to the broad Benedict offer with "Learn something meaningful instead".

"Such overarching campaigns are challenging - but particularly great. The holistic idea is based on the Internet zeitgeist, yet it also works in other forms of advertising," explains Frédéric Droz, project manager on the part of Monami. "We really reinvented the brand a bit. The only constant is the 'Beeeneeedict' jingle. It's cult - that's another reason why we really wanted to keep it."

In the near future, billboard ads based on the slogan and radio spots will also be played. According to Monami, the third video of the campaign will follow in the coming week - under the title "How do I smuggle my rabbit into the cinema?

Responsible for Benedict Schools Switzerland: Heinrich Meister (President), Cem Topçu (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Monami: David Cappellini (overall responsibility), Frédéric Droz (project management), Andrei Vid (concept, art direction), Luis Balzer (camera and editing), Olga Stucker (grading), Saskia Marty (graphics).

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