Home Zurich for Bank Cler: Another appearance for the Einfränkler

Heimat Zürich's investment campaign for Bank Cler goes into the next round and once again puts the Swiss single franc in the spotlight.

Heimat ZürichIn another flight of its investment campaign, Bank Cler is once again reminding people how they can secure the chance of an attractive return in the long term even with a small starting capital. After all, its investment solution offers professionally managed asset management from as little as one franc in assets.

Consequently, the Swiss one-dollar coin is once again the star of Heimat Zürich's campaign continuation. Staged as "lucky money," "bag money," "tip money," and in many other "roles," the coin always underscores the message: "Every money is an opportunity." - as an online film, in story ads and as a DOOH subject. As in the first flight, several OOH subjects also put the Einfränkler in the spotlight.

Responsible at Bank Cler: Gregor Eicher, Barbara Gürtler. Responsible agency: Home Zurich. Media: PHD. Film production: Chocolate Films. Directed by: Gregor Brändli. Photography: Oliver Nanzig.

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