"Bad timing for flu?": Fachwerk advertises "Dafalgan Grippal".

UPSA Switzerland's Dafalgan portfolio has been expanded to include the product "Dafalgan Gippal". For the market launch, the Fachwerk agency implemented a TV campaign.

Fachwerk wirbt für GesundheitOn average, an adult person falls ill with a cold or a so-called "flu-like infection" two to five times a year. Dafalgan Grippal", a new drug on the market, relieves unwanted cold and flu symptoms. The drug complements the existing over-the-counter Dafalgan portfolio of the manufacturer UPSA Switzerland.

The drug campaign uses text modules from the umbrella brand and combines them with elements of the new drug. This resulted in the slogan "Bad timing for flu?", which is intended to strengthen the umbrella brand and yet has a unique selling point. For the print implementations at the POS, a key visual complements the slogan and thus completes the overall image of the campaign.

"Developing an independent and strong pharmaceutical campaign within an umbrella brand strategy is always an exciting and challenging act of balance," says Nektarios Thanasis, CEO and partner at Fachwerk Kommunikation.

A bilingual TV spot was produced for the national launch of "Dafalgan Grippal" and has been broadcast on various German- and French-language stations in Switzerland since the beginning of the year. The TV campaign is rounded off by a combination of online media, YouTube spots and digital TV.

Responsible at UPSA Switzerland: Véronique Velin (Country Manager), Corinne Bayer (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Fachwerk Kommunikation: Nektarios Thanasis (CEO & Partner), Damian Wolfisberg (Head of Advertising Agency & Senior Consultant), Tino Heuter (Creative Director), Woula Goutziomitros (Consultant Healthcare & Pharma), Angela Lerch (Consultant), Marina Widmer (Consultant).

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