Kind regards for Belimed: Sterilization in the digital age

The Belimed app "SmartHub" monitors and supports the important sterilization process of medical instruments. Friendly Greetings promotes the digital solution with a campaign.

Freundliche GrüsseSterile reprocessing of medical instruments is essential in hospital operations. Since they are used several times a day, no mistakes must be made. Otherwise, in the worst case, operations may have to be postponed.

The Swiss company Belimed is a provider of product and service solutions for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical and surgical instruments. With the cloud application "SmartHub", it has launched a digital solution for monitoring and safely controlling high-tech machines. Freundliche Grüsse was commissioned to promote the innovative web application to a specialist audience.

The campaign for this is based on a film and photo: the main protagonist is Mario Rocha Sampaio, Head of Central Sterilization at the Schulthess Clinic in Zurich. Together with 18 employees and equipment from Belimed, he ensures that every operation can be performed with maximum safety.

With "SmartHub," Rocha Sampaio can control the equipment at any time. As shown in the film, he can communicate with his team via app from any conceivable location and see what is happening in his "Steri".

The film was conceived in collaboration with Schroten and produced by Mattogrosso Films. The campaign will be used immediately in the B2B area, flanked by further communicative measures based on the visual material by Christian Grund.

Responsible at Belimed: Beat Meier (Head of Global Marketing and Communication), Simona Drevenšek (Marketing Communication Manager), Martina Krienbühl (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Schulthess Klink: Mario Rocha Sampaio (Head of Department AEMP), Enrico Manzanell (Head of Communication & Marketing), Deborah Bucher (Head of Communication & Marketing). Responsible at Friendly regards: Samuel Textor, Pascal Deville (Creative Direction), Maude Mahrer (Art Direction); Michèle Roten, Adrian Schräder (Schroten AG/Script), Mattogrosso Films (Production); Benjamin Weiss (Director), Christian Grund (Photography), Beatrice Mächler (Production).

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