Design or flexibility? KSP presents Volkswagen with a choice

Experience everyday life in a new way - whether stylish with the fully digital Taigo or comfortable with the variable T-Cross. In the current campaign, KSP presents Volkswagen's compact crossover SUVs.

With the claims "More design for your everyday life" and "More flexibility for your everyday life", the two models Taigo and T-Cross are clearly differentiated from each other and positioned in line with the target group.

The new Taigo with its sporty coupe design is designed to inspire with its lifestyle and digital intelligence, and the T-Cross comes with a versatile interior and a wealth of equipment.

In addition, the central question "Design or flexibility?" and a short personality test on the model landing page are designed to help find the perfect companion for everyday life.

To generate awareness, the agency works with individual subjects that focus on the respective benefits of the models. The campaign includes print, digital and social media. Dealer advertising materials are also used.

Responsible at AMAG Import, Volkswagen: Melanie Felder (Team Leader Marketing Communication), Diana Rizzo (Marketing Communication Manager). Responsible at KSP: Alba Rau (art direction), Stephanie Waldvogel (content creation, editing), Céline Goldschmid (graphics), Barbara Sarras (text), Andrea Heller, Nina Wildhaber (consulting), Daniel Krieg (strategy and creative direction), Ansichtsache (image editing), MediaCom (media), Swiss Online Publishing (social media).

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