Friendly greetings and Rivella call for vial hunt

With "At home in the snow", Rivella has launched an overarching promotion. Friendly Greetings tells the story about it on social media.

Freundliche Grüsse

Since December and until and including March, Rivella has been focusing its promotion on active moments in the snow - both online and offline. The aim is to create real brand experiences across all relevant touchpoints.

Friendly Greetings brings Rivella enjoyment into the feed of the target group: The focus is on the "Fläschli Hunt," an augmented reality game. In a master film and a multi-part photo series, the story is told on social media of a group of friends who take part in the "Fläschli Hunt" in the mountains and win the main prize: a season in a Rivella chalet.

In addition to promoting the "bottle hunt," other formats were created in an overarching content strategy that positions Rivella as the ideal drink for adventurous friends. The Instagram and Facebook communities, for example, are invited to share their experiences in the snow with the cult drink. Various prizes are up for grabs.

At the same time, Rivella is also holding a large number of live marketing events, such as the "Rivella Mountain Challenge". The events are promoted on social media.

Responsible at Rivella: Rahel Burri (Brand Manager), Isabel Nyffeler (Senior Live Marketing Manager), Désirée Koller (Senior Brand Manager), Caroline Benz (Trainee Brand Management). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Marion Schwager (overall responsibility), Janine Sonderegger (Head of Content), Mara Schwegler (Art Direction), Eva Brun (Consulting), Simon Keller, Deborah Newton (Social Media Management) Morris Lötscher (Text). Film Production: Witwinkel.

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