Havas shows what is typical Lidl

Anyone familiar with Lidl's campaigns knows: Lidl is worthwhile. But why this is the case is answered by a campaign designed by Havas Village Zurich, which highlights the qualitative aspects of the brand promise. The core of the campaign is the self-image of how Lidl meets the diverse needs of the Swiss.

For over 12 years, the slogan "Lidl lohnt sich" (Lidl is worth it) has also been used in Switzerland. What was initially understood as a price message has developed over the years into a multidimensional brand promise.

A new campaign now aims to highlight the various benefits of Lidl Switzerland and how the retailer meets the demands, expectations and needs of existing and potential customers.

One campaign, two levels

The current campaign, which at its heart addresses four elementary focus themes, is designed to be multidimensional so that it can be used across all possible communication channels. The main communication tools are films on the themes of freshness, simple and straightforward shopping, Swiss origin, and the new regional brand "Typically Switzerland.

All content is additionally deepened on a second - factual - level by so-called "Lidl facts". In six online videos with a documentary character, consumers learn everything they need to know about the suppliers and get a glimpse behind the scenes.

All campaign content and further information on the focus topics and the facts about the brand promises can be found on the microsite Typical-lidl.chwhich functions as a campaign hub. The long-term campaign has been running since Sunday in all parts of the country as TVC, online video, as display advertising, at OOH locations, on digital screens at POS and on social media.

Increased campaign impact

A stringent style with a memorable style, which is used in the films and conveys the messages optimally, is intended to ensure maximum campaign efficiency and recognition. The content is adapted in each case to the corresponding theme - freshness, choice, home and simplicity. When it comes to the freshness of the products, the films close with the statement "If you love freshness, you love Lidl" or, in the case of the breadth of the range, with "If you love choice, you love Lidl".

Strategy first

The basis for the development of this new quality offensive is a comprehensive strategic analysis carried out by the strategy department of Havas Zurich together with Lidl Switzerland.

"We have constantly developed over the past 12 years in Switzerland and with this new campaign we would like to present our resulting advantages for customers* in a refreshing way," explains Raphael Werner, Head of Marketing at Lidl Switzerland. "That Lidl Switzerland offers the best quality at the best price is learned. But we have also steadily expanded our product range. In general, we already generate over 50 percent of our sales with products from Switzerland - and the trend is rising. In addition, our stores are currently being further modernized, giving them a real market character."

 Responsible for Lidl Switzerland: Raphael Werner, Nathalie Forrer, Nicolas Cadonau. Responsible at Havas Village Zurich: Nathalie Diethelm, Patrick Beeli, Olivia Schläpfer, Pascal Herzog, Dominik Brülisauer, Sophie Güntensperger, Nick Sohl, Helen Ingold, Dominik Cattaneo, Claudia Sigg, Rolf Hunziker, Adrian van Velsen, Marcel Benz, Georges Bérard, Oliver Nater, Nicolai Abel, Katharina Frede, Marcela Hänel. Film Production Focus Topics: Paul Butterworth (Director, Mygosh). Film production facts films: Reto Salimbeni (Director, Manifesto). Photography: Cyrill Matter.

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