Dr. Oetker and Picstars create a romantic mood

In a current campaign by Picstars for Dr. Oetker, four influencers present their personal #Ristorante moment on Instagram.

Since the market launch of Pizza Ristorante in Switzerland in 1986, Dr. Oetker has focused on the theme of romance in its communications. The campaigns have always featured moments of enjoyment for two. Dr. Oetker is now taking this recognizable element of Ristorante communication to social media and implementing an influencer campaign in cooperation with Picstars.

Four Influencer*innen show together with their partner the perfect #Ristorantemoment and provide a personal insight into an uncomplicated, romantic evening for two, where the pizza Ristorante may not be missing. In addition, the influencers will raffle off a Ristorante Romantic Box in their communities.

Part of the campaign are Sara Leutenegger with her partner Lorenzo, Steven Epprecht with his partner Marcos, Céline Perret with her partner Olivier and Jasmine Kopp with her partner Jan.

"Influencer marketing has already been an integral part of our communication strategy for several years - both for the pizza range and in the baking area. We recently received confirmation again with the launch of our new pizza brand 'The Good Baker' that influencer marketing can be a useful addition to the media mix and would now like to use it to enrich ristorante communications as well," explains Walentina Mejenina, Media & Communications Manager at Dr. Oetker Switzerland.

The influencer campaign started on Friday. The content is posted organically on the respective channels of the influencers and on Dr. Oetker's pizza channel. To increase the reach beyond the existing communities, the content is also played out via branded content ads.

Responsible at Dr. Oetker: Walentina Mejenina (Media & Communications Manager), Sarah Siegrist (Digital Manager), Helen Yildirim (Product Manager Pizza). Responsible at Picstars: Natalie Lola Akinola (Campaign Manager), Salim Mzee (Senior Campaign Manager), Luca Graf (Key Account Manager).


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