Content and form settles the Aldi shopping on the sofa

The retailer Aldi Suisse has launched an online store. The Zurich agency Inhalt und Form is promoting the digital offering of in a launch campaign.

Anyone who wants to shop at Aldi prices no longer has to go to an Aldi Suisse store, but can now stay in the comfort of their sofa or bathtub. Because those who live in Zurich and the surrounding area now have access to, the new online store from Aldi Suisse.

For the new service, which is initially limited to Zurich and parts of the Zurich Oberland and Unterland and will be expanded after a test period, Inhalt und Form has implemented a full-scale launch campaign. The new digital offer from Aldi Suisse is advertised in the form of three key visuals that encourage customers to stay on the sofa and do their shopping from home. Groceries are shown that are already on their way to the customer.

The key visuals are used in the form of megaposters, (D)OOH, advertisements and display ads. In addition, further advantages of will be brought to the attention of the people of Zurich via streetcar branding, special posters and POS measures.

Responsible at Aldi Suisse: David Biernath (Director Customer Interaction), Michèle Bürgi (Project Manager Customer Interaction), Sarah Thalmann (Manager Customer Interaction), Maria Brecht (Media Planner), Stephanie Wernli (Project Manager Customer Interaction). Responsible for content and form: Dominik Stibal (CEO), Karin Estermann (Executive Creative Director), David Hugentobler (Creative Director), Paul Labun (Art Director), Noé Kwok (Graphic Designer), Melanie Möckli (Project Manager), Manuela Marty (Head of Consulting/Strategist).

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