Ewz: The climate gives thanks and sends New Year's greetings

To accompany the current poster campaign "The climate thanks Zurich," Ewz implemented artistic productions in cooperation with light artist Gerry Hofstetter. In the process, 200 first names of Zurich residents were projected onto Zurich buildings as New Year's wishes.

EWZLive, on the two nights of January 1 and 2, 2022, on prominent Zurich buildings were wished very personally to all Adils to Zoes "Much energy for 2022". More than 600 first names were requested by the people of Zurich as part of the New Year's Eve Magic social media.Campaign submitted by Ewz. In addition, the community was reserved by Ron Orp 22 names for the New Year's wishes 2022.

Gerry Hofstetter then staged 200 names on historic buildings in Zurich as New Year's greeting projections. Ewz makes all the photos available for download free of charge at New Year's Eve magic.ch/ewz available. In this way, the "The climate thanks Zurich" campaign is becoming more and more a part of Zurich and more and more interactive, according to Ewz.

Alternating with the New Year's name wishes were thankful penguins, polar bears and seals on the buildings. The subjects come from the campaign of Ruf Lanz (Werbewoche.ch reported). The subjects were projected onto gigantic ice blocks by Gerry Hofstetter's team during an Arctic expedition, where they were captured both photographically and on film.

The resulting 40-second short film "Das Klima dank Zürich" is currently running in Zurich cinemas and can be seen until mid-February at Arthouse, Riffraff and Le Paris. The light artist is a cultural and climate partner of the Light Art Expedition Arctica 2021 - Love your Planet.

With these two measures, Ewz wants to use the start of the year to draw attention to the fact that climate protection affects everyone, and that the company has been making a positive contribution to this since it was founded in 1892 as an energy pioneer in the field of renewable energies.

Responsible at Ewz: Katrin Rüesch (Campaign Management), Clare Roggen (Sponsoring), Hadrien Jean-Richard, Julia Weber, Fabrice Göldi (Social Media), Pascal Schaub (Head of Marketing and Communication). Responsible at Gerry Hofstetter Marketing: Gerry Hofstetter (light art).

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